Numerical simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation in concrete material
(Image based EFIT modeling for concrete ultrasonic testing)

Overview of Structural Engineering Laboratory

Welcome to our web site.
Our laboratory makes researches on evaluation methods of load bearing ability of structures, nondestructive testings, large-scale numerical simulation of acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic waves, and structural health monitoring using sophisticated micro-nano sensors.

We have 8 undergraduate students, 9 master course students, 2 doctor course students including 2 foreign students. Name of our professor is Dr. Ohga, associate professor is Dr. Nakahata and assistant professor is Dr. Chun. Interests of research for Prof. Ohga is static analyses such as bucklings and plastic deformations, and Dr. Nakahata is good at dynamic analyses such as wave propagations and inverse scattering analyses. Professonal field of Dr.Chun is bridge engineering.

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Recent information and update

Updated our Hp.

Assistant professor Dr.Chun joined in our Lab.

Research contents were updated.

3 April 2010
Renewal of our HP.

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