Previous 5 year's graduation, master, doctor dissertations are listed.
Blue lines show that the dissertation was written in Japanese. Red line show the dissertation was written in English.

Academic year 2010

Graduation theses
Kouhei Izumi:
Elastic buckling strength of shell-type profiled channel members
Tatsuya Okabe:
Residual strength evaluation of corroded steel plates under compression
Daichi Yoshii:
Analysis for residual strength of wide tensile steel plates with corrosion
Tatsuro Iga:
Simulation of electromagnetic rader method using electromagnetic finite integration technique (EMFIT)
Gun Kawamura:
Flaw reconstruction in heterogeneous material using ultrasonic array transducer
Hiroyuki Takeuchi:
Ultrasonic flaw imaging by the FSAP technique using array transducer for angle beam testing

Master's theses
Kouki Hoshide:
Buckling behaviors of thin-walled members with profiled cross section
Shi Kin:
Study on fatigue model for steel bridges considering the effect of earthquake loading
Kyohei Takata:
Application of 3-D image-based wave analyses to nondestructive testing

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Academic year 2009

Graduation theses
Wataru Tanno:
Measurement of thickness and corrosion properties of steel plates
Naoki Sekiya:
Study on remaining strength evaluation of corroded steel plates under compression
Kazuki Itogawa:
Assessment of residual strength and mechanical properties of wide tensile test specimens with corrosion
Terumi Nagano:
Ultrasonic wave propagation in anisotropic and heterogeneous welding part with the EFIT
Tatsunao Takamoto:
Fundamental study of transient response of bridges using voxel element analysis
Takayuki Tanaka:
Fundamental investigation of Image-based FEM for elastic wave propagation
Ryo Watanabe:
Verification of 3-D inverse scattering imaging method by experimental measurement

Master's theses
Daisuke Kuwayama:
A Study on the residual strength of corroded tensile steel plates
A.M.D.Nirosha Adasooriya:
A combined high and low cycle fatigue model for steel bridges
Masayoshi Yamaguchi:
Development of waveform acquisition system at multiple points equipped with different type micro sensors
Masanori Hirata:
Ultrasonic imaging of internal flaws with full waveforms sampling and processing
Kenji Ushio:
Numerical simulation of elastic wave with 3-D EFIT

Doctoral thesis
・Siriwardana Sudath Chaminda:
Fatigue models to estimate life of steel structures under service and ultimate loadings

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Academic year 2008

Graduation theses
Hiroyuki Ikeda:
Tensile test of wide corroded steel specimens
Ryouta Koike:
Mechanical properties and shear strength of simply supported plate considering corrosion damages
Idea Shirasaka:
Fatigue life prediction of bridges considering load history
Kyohei Takata:
Fundamental study of 2-D elastodynamic finite integration technique for wave propagation
Yasuhiro Tanabe:
Improvement of remaining strength evaluation of corroded steel plates under tensile force

Master's theses
Chisato Ishikawa:
Development of simulator for ultrasonic nondestructive testing
Satoshi Jyoukou:
Ultrasonic imaging of internal flaws with inverse scattering imaging method and full waveforms sampling by array transducer
Jyunichi Tokunaga:
Simulation of ultrasonic wave with combined method of EFIT and AFIT
Pallaha Athawudagedara Kamal Karunananda:
Condition assessment and maintenance strategy of bridges by reliability concept

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Academic year 2007

Graduation theses
Daisuke Kuwayama:
A basic study on SBFEM with sub-region
Yukihiro Sakimura:
Study on ultra low cycle fatigue strength
Ryouta Nakafuji:
Prediction of fatigue life of bridges using fatigue curve
Masashi Fujiwara and Masayoshi Yamaguchi:
Performance investigation of MEMS acceleration sensor for monitoring of civil structure
Satoshi Takeshima:
Development of wavedata processing system for AE measurement
Masanori Hirata:
Application of S-SAFT to ultrasonic testing with array transducer
Kenji Ushio:
Characterization of elastic wave in concrete using EFIT modeling

Master's thesis
Chihiro Matsuoka:
Verification and performance check of inverse scattering imaging method by ultrasonic measurement

Doctoral thesis
Santosh Shrestha:
Scaled boundary finite element method for linear elastic fracture analysis

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Academic year 2006

Graduation theses
Tomoko Tamura:
Dynamic stability analysis of retaining block walls
Sannomiya Tomoko:
2D FEM dynamic interaction analysis of pile foundation
Yasutaka Kaneko:
Strategies to minimize life cycle cost for bridge maintenance using Markov process
Chisato Ishikawa:
3-D numerical simulation of ultrasonic radiated field from arbitrary shaped transducer
Satoshi Jyoukou:
Fundamental study on inverse scattering imaging method with phased array transducer
Jyunichi Tokunaga:
Fundamental research on acceleration of FDTD with OpenMP

Master theses
Siriwardana Sudath Chaminda:
A basic research on ultra-low cycle fatigue failure of steel structures
I.M. Sanjeewa Waruna Kumara:
Serviceability condition evaluation of composite bridges using structural reliability theory
Takuya Ueda:
Numerical analyses of flaw echo and modeling of phased array transducer
Keishi Matsuda:
Verification of UT simulator by ultrasonic measurement