Recent researches(Fatigue Life of Civil Engineering Structures)

 Civil engineering structures such as bridges are subjected to variable amplitude loading during their service lives. Their condition estimation and fatigue life prediction are very important in the management of these structures. Our laboratory is conducting research on fatigue life predictions due to variable amplitude loading in civil engineering structures, especially steel bridges.

Loading distribution                  A steel bridge              Stress evaluation

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Recent researches(Residual Strength of Corroded Steel Members)

Steel is widely used in bridge construction industry as it gives high strength to the structures and a large number of steel bridges were constructed in the world up to now. However corrosion, caused by exposing to salty wind and rain becomes a major problem as it decreases the cross section and reduced the strength of the existing structure. Therefore it is of paramount importance to develop advanced technologies which can be used to assist proper management of highway infrastructures and evaluate the remaining strength capacities of those bridges. Using the tensile tests of corroded members and theoretical studies we are developing methods to assess the remaining strength of corroded steel members accurately.

A corroded steel specimen     Tensile test                 Numerical results


Recent researches(Scale Boundary Finite Element Method)

Strength evaluation of existing structures and conducting research on repair strategies are two recent studies of the laboratory. Using the data obtained by the actual bridge survey, a reliability based methodology has been proposed to estimate their conditions and remaining service lives. Further, optimum maintenance strategy has been proposed. In addition, an analytical method has been proposed to estimate stresses of a crack and crack propagation based on scale boundary finite element method.

Strength evaluation of existing bridges with structural reliability and FEM

Stress analysis of a beam with a crack using SBFEM